Question 73. How to calculate the minimum salary for a job or title with heavy, toxic or dangerous working conditions?


The Labour Code and other relevant legal documents no longer prescribe that the minimum salary for heavy, toxic, or dangerous work or job title must be at least 5% higher than those of a complexity-similar job or title working under normal working conditions. Therefore, if using the Employee to perform heavy, toxic, or dangerous jobs or titles, the minimum wage that the enterprise must pay to the Employee will be agreed upon by the parties. However, it can be seen that the Employer should still retain the proper principles of salary payment, namely: (i) must pay 7% higher than the regional minimum wage (for trained Employees); and (ii) have to pay 5% higher than the amount calculated in the above point (i) because the Employee is requested to perform under heavy, toxic, or dangerous conditions.

Therefore, the formula for calculating the minimum salary will be: (The minimum regional salary from time to time announced by the Government x 1.07) x 1.05.