Question 108. Is an Employee required to carry out procedures for re-issuance of the SI book when changing his or her People’s ID card to Citizen ID card?


A SI book is issued to each Employee to monitor the payment and entitlement of SI regimes and serve as the legal basis to solve the SI regimes for an Employee[1]. Therefore, in some cases where an Employees has lost, damaged, or encounter any content errors or need to change the information recorded in his or her SI boos, he or she will have to apply for his or her re-issuance of the SI book under Decision No. 595/QD-BHXH dated 14 April 2017, as amended, supplemented by Decision No. 505/QD-BHXH dated 27 April 2020[2].

As of 01 January 2016, the Citizen Identification Law took effect and allowed Vietnamese citizens aged 14 or over to be issued Citizen ID cards in lieu of People’s ID cards. Any People’s ID cards issued before 01 January 2016 are still valid until the expiry of their prescribed time limit. However, in case of any resident’s request, any People’s ID card can be changed to a Citizen ID card[3]. In fact, after the Citizen Identification Law went into effect, many Vietnamese citizens changed their people’s ID cards to citizen ID cards, resulting in a change in the information on their identity card numbers, issuing dates and places compared with that are recorded in their SI books. However, according to the cases of re-issuance of SI books stipulated by Decision 595/QĐ-BHXH and Decision 505/QD-BHXH, the changes in the information on people’s ID numbers, issuing dates and places do not fall into the case of re-issuance of SI books. Therefore, the Employee has not required to amend such information and this also does not affect the SI regimes which the Employee is entitled to.

[1] Article 96.1 of Law on SI

[2] Article 27 of Decision No. 595/QD-BHXH dated 14/04/2014, amended, supplemented by Decision No. 505/QD-BHXH of the Government dated 27 April 2020

[3] Article 38.2 of Citizen Identification Law