Question 49. If the laid-off Employee strongly renounces the Employer’s decision on restructuring on the media or the social network, what should the management board of the enterprise does in such a case?


In this case, the management board can consider the following approaches:

  1. Step No. 1, in a gentle manner, the enterprise’s representative invites the Employees to participate in a meeting and convince the Employees to remove that information from the media and social networks on the basis of a discussion in order to make the Employees understand that the retrenchment of the Employer is consistent with the Labour Code, and what the Employees have been doing is violating the commitment on confidentiality of the information and damage the enterprise’s reputation, and the Employees may be forced to compensate the enterprise for the damage they have caused.

2. Step No. 2, this is the time when the human resources department of the enterprise is appointed to handle matters related to media and social networks to hold meetings as well as resolve legal issues with representatives of the media.

3. Step No. 3, if the talks and persuasions with the Employees have been unproductive, the Employer should consider the following actions:(i) requesting the organisation representing employees at the grassroots levelto participate in a meeting and record the behaviour of the Employees; and (ii) initiating a lawsuit against the Employees at the competent Court if the above acts cause significant damage to the enterprise.